Monthly Archives: September 2012

Well had my first day off. (Yes, and I’ve only just started).

I say day off, a day off from Ministry, still stuff to do around the house and the small matter of closing my business down.

Anyway a good day was had, submitted all my expenses from October 2011 to end August, and did all the invoicing. A huge relief to get all this done. Why didn’t I get this done before!

Actually – “task avoidance” was highlighted as one of my skills in an assessment!


Well folks I survived my second day in the ministry and I’m still smiling!

First service at Hockley went quite well. Bryan the superintendent was there to support me, and all the congregation had labels on with their names on.

We really feel supported and welcomed.

Absolutely fantastic day. Praise the Lord!


Look at these lovely biscuits and card made for me by the Sunday School this morning, what a lovely thing to do.

Took my first service this morning at Rayleigh, all went very well. Technology all works, organ sounds good, singing was good. Good to be able to use Worship Leaders and readers.

Congregation very welcoming, only one small problem – the preacher went on a bit. Ooops!

Wow, first day in the “new job”, my first official day in the ministry.

This morning, on with the clerical collar, (in a polo shirt!), and opening the manse to welcome people for Tea and Coffee.

Over 30 people came, there was much chatting, lots of tea and coffee drank, lots of smiles, and laughter.

The people here are so friendly.

(Caroline, who insisted she was not going to be a model of a ‘minister’s wife’ made lots of teas and coffees, and did the job splendidly. However, she refused to wear the floral dress – in joke!)

Two services tomorrow! Off we go.